The daughter company of GO2-markets

GO2-greenevents is a project formed in early 2018 when partners Garzay and Julien decided to combine their passion of building green solutions with their kindred liking to party and dance in Berlin. They noticed that many of their friends who are artists were flying all around the world booking gigs at clubs and festivals, making large contributions to the CO2 emissions on our planet. So they decided to make the connection between their work at GO2-markets as renewable energy traders, to also offer sustainable solutions to artists and event organizers.

Just one year later, they’ve now built a project that offers sustainable solutions beyond CO2 offsetting to also include helping events and festivals switch to renewable energy, replace single use plastic with sustainable alternatives, improve waste management, and lower the overall CO2 emissions of events through consultation that finds ways to reduce emissions from the beginning.

A lot is still to come for GO2-greenevents as they continue pushing to make sustainability a priority across all industries.

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