How it works

We build a customized approach to make your event and travels more sustainable.


With custom tools, we calculate your energy consumption and evaluate the overall carbon footprint from your travels or events.


We set up a plan to establish and reach your personal or company-wide sustainability goals.


We offer a range of customizable green energy solutions to help you neutralize your carbon footprint.


Take a proactive stance against the climate crisis. With our support, you can be a leader in elevating the topic of sustainability across your industry.

Our Solutions

Transition to Green Energy

For events and companies only

We connect you with a suitable renewable energy source producer based on your needs (hydro, wind, solar, biomass, biogas)

We redeem green power certificates on behalf of your event, which guarantee that the amount of energy consumed is equivalent to the use of green energy

These globally recognized certificates are sent to your team in time to confidently communicate around your clean energy consumption.

CO2 Offsetting event

For companies and individuals

Through our custom tools, we calculate your CO2 emissions.

We then buy and redeem voluntary emission reduction certificates to offset your carbon emissions using the VCS system (Verified Carbon Standard).

We work with environmentally sustainable projects worldwide, connecting you with a local project to support communities near your event or travels. Your support is also a major source of revenue for these projects.

As individuals and event organizers, carbon offsetting is an important step in reducing the harmful impact that our carbon footprint leaves. You create a direct positive impact on the lives of local communities and the environment.

Waste Management Event

For companies only

We analyze how you deal with waste at your events.

We then offer a plan to incorporate sustainable alternatives which reduce the amount of waste produced from your event.

Taking a global to local approach, we work with waste management partners that best fit the requirements within the city where your event is being hosted.

Together, we challenge the event industry to be more aware of the solutions we can deploy to drastically reduce common waste and plastic.
Our team will support you in designing communication around your plan to reduce waste and guide attendees with steps they can take to align with your goals.